Hustlin-Mobsters Game Guide

Fast Start:
First of all, you want to hire a few thugs and bodygaurds for protection. After you have some protection, you will want to hire operative to make some money. This will help you to have the best possible round, and be succesfull. After this initial step you will want to find a family to run with for protection, money, any help you need, and the ability to gain trust, and role together on a regular basis. You will want to buy drugs and guns for your units, or you will not get the most out of them.


Here at Hustlin-Mobsters, we have a few different round types. You have your main rounds, which run every sunday to sunday. You also have mini rounds which run during the week, to have some more fun, and chances to win more credits for yourself.

Main Round:
Main rounds will run for 7 days with a set number of credits for free players, which are 100 per 10 minutes at a max of 5000. We max turns every 8 hours to enable people to work, go to school, as well be active participants in all main rounds. Players have the opportunity to purchase turns and subscriptions for advantages and better ranking opportunities.

Mini Rounds:
We have a variety of mini rounds on this game, they include Family Rounds, Personal Rounds, and Killer Rounds. You will have opportunities to purchase reserve turns and that will increase a special mini round jackpot, which you can read about in the Jackpot Terms page within the game. Details of the rounds are listed below.

Family Mini Rounds:
Family mini rounds are based on a team effort. The ranks are solely based on the families performance and not individual. The family at the end of this mini round, will win the jackpot as a team rather than an individual, and it is either split between the members, or whatever that particular family decides to do.

Regular Mini Rounds:
Regular mini rounds are those that are based on individual ranks, as well as family ranks. Everyone will have the opportunity to purchase special reserve packages for that round, and a percentage will be added to a special jackpot for the mini round. The winner gets the entire jackpot, unless they decide to send any to another person.

Killer Mini Rounds:
Killer mini rounds are simply based on killing. There will be no other prizes except for killing prizes. You will have the option to buy reserves and those will then be added to the jackpot for that round. The most kills wins the round and the jackpot, no other prizes will be awarded.

Turns and Credits

Turns and Credits are used to hire/collect/produce/attack in this game. Below you will read the difference between them.

You gain turns every 10 minutes to use in the game, with those turns you can do as stated above. If you do everything in the correct order or time, you will do better than others.

Credits are more turns that are won by ranking in rounds, or bought by your choice to have an advantage over other players, they do the same thing as normal turns, you just get more of them if you rank, or purchase.

We have a won credit limit on this site of 4 million won credits. If you exceed that amount, the turns will be automatically added to your reserves in the next round you join.

Prizes and Ranking System

At the end of each round, prizes will be awarded to the best players in each ranking category. You can view the prizes page to see what is available. To win prizes, you'll need to show you have what it takes to be a good player in the world of a mobster. Some rounds may have a cash jackpot. The top player in the highest category will win the jackpot.

Ranking System:

We have 3 sets of player ranks, along with family ranks and killer ranks.

The ranking system goes as follows

Bought Ranks - You have bought turns, and pulled more than 25,000 into the current round.
Subscriber Ranks - You have an active subscription and have pulled no more than 24,999 bought turns into the current round.
Free Ranks - You have no subscription and have pulled no more than 24,999 bought turns into the current round.
Killer Ranks - Includes everyone, top killers will show in these ranks.
Family Ranks - Includes all families made in the rounds, by how much they either collect in that round as a family or by the total networth of the family. You can find the type of family ranks on the main page in the news.

Family In-Game Ranks

Don - Over see's all moves done within the union, gives orders to any members.
Boss - Is in charge of the family, takes all responsability, and sets up all alliances.
Co-Boss - Helps the boss run the family.
Family Trustee - Very select few players, who can invite other members to the family, would do anything for the family.
Underboss - A player who will do anything the family needs, wether it be kill or collect.
Accountant - A player known for collecting, and being very careful about their money.
Hitman - A soldier in the family, never afraid to use turns or hit another member in an enemy family.
Noob - A new player to the family or game.

Hiring / Collecting and Producing

HiringWhile you play mafia games you will want to hire the different units available to you. Some will benefit you with killing, while others will benefit you on the lines of collecting and protection.

Collecting and ProducingYou will want to collect money, or produce drugs to make money in this game. The ultimate goal, is at the end of each round, be on top of the rankings.

AttackingThere are different attacks within the game, some to kill units, steal cars, maybe even rob some drugs, but in the world of the mafia, you do it all. You will have the opportunity to steal anything you would like to reign the top player in this world of mobsters.

Administrators and Support

Admin's are the people who monitor the site, and everything that goes on, you can ask them any questions pertaining to the game, and they will try as best as they can to answer anything you are wondering.

We are currently working on developing a Support Ticket System, you will be able to enter any problems or interest you have with the site, and be answered to as soon as an administrator logs into the game.

Swat Team
The swat team is a nice feature that will enable you to kill an entire family by using 750,000 won turns. If you select to use the swat team, the credits will automatically be taken from your won turn bank and used to kill that family.

The hitman is very similar to the swat team, the only difference is that hitman takes 250,000 won credits to kill an individual player, rather than an entire family.

Hostage is a nice feature. When a player is 00ed, you will be able to take that player hostage, which means you will take them for a random amount of time, for a random ransom. Anyone could decide to pay the ransom, you could release the taken party, or just make that player sit and wait the allotted time given. Be careful though, you can only take each player hostage 3 times per round. Transferring Credits
Won credits can be transferred from one player to another. We do not allow bought credits to be transferred for the reason that you could buy for one person, and get your entire family into the bought ranks. Each player needs to buy there own credits, and do as they want with them.

For transferring won credits, you will be charged a fee of 5,000 won credits, and you are only allowed to transfer 250,000 won credits per month. This is to keep players from just sending turns to others to give them the upper hand. You will need to use strategy with this method.

Crack A Safe
Crack A Safe is basically a way to gamble your turns, and either lose them, or win big. The safe amount will start at 25,000 and cost 500 turns per attempt.